SKU: O647

2023 Original Series O647 (Brown Cabinet, Tuscan Sun Acrylic Shell)

$6,771.00 $7,439.00

If you are looking for a family spa, capable of accommodating 6 people, the O647 model will be perfect! The configuration of this spa is quite classic, a comfortable bunk is 5 seats.

The seats are different, the 2 corner seats are quite deep and allow water to be above the shoulders, the other 3 seats are higher and better suited to smaller swimmers.

The massage is provided by a 3 HP dual speed massage pump and a 1 HP blower.

The 47 jets are varied, ranging from 2 inches to 5 inches for the most powerful.
Technical sheet
  • 87" x 87" x 36"
  • 47 jets including 16 air jets
  • 1 3HP pump
  • 1 blower of 1HP
  • Gecko control system
  • 3 kW heater
  • Illuminated waterfall
  • Chromotherapy
  • Illuminated joysticks
  • Weight 340kg empty
  • Capacity 1500 liters
  • 5 '' coverage
  • Made in canada 
    Spectrum + 2 tones jets
    A clean design in two tones of platinum and anthracite. A range of the most efficient jets. CMP Spectrum jets offer a wide variety of massages. Directional jets of course, but also Pro-Loc Roto, Pro-Loc Double Roto and Pro-Loc Rotopulse jets, allow the affected areas to be worked in very different ways. Combined with powerful pumps, these nozzles are extremely efficient.

    Illuminated popup waterfall
    A real 180-degree backlit popup waterfall for a zen and friendly atmosphere.

    This system allows better resistance to frost and allows the spa to be maintained over a long period in the event of a power failure. Because of its insulation on the walls, the spa will be able to recover energy from the pumps. With this system, no more costly electricity consumption.

    Illuminated controllers
    Our controllers combine design and precision. All of our spa controllers (air, water, waterfall) include the Be Lignt RGB lighting system.

    Discover the joys of aerotherapy thanks to the 900w air pump on this model

    3 years, parts, labor and travel on the electronics 10 years on the structure and the hull