OMNI Shimmer, 400 gr
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OMNI Shimmer, 400 gr


Vendor: Natural Chemistry

SKU: O-QSK-400

Categories: Chemicals, HOT TUB PARTS,

Tags: Clarifier, Natural Clarifier, OMNI, Pro Enzyme, Pro Series, Prozymes, Shimmer,


This is a Powder.

  • Multi Purpose non chlorine oxidizer, buffer, clarifier & flocculent quick dissolving shock treatment, no pre-dissolving required if water is over 20° C,
  • Will not damage liners
  • Destroys soluble organic waste
  • Can be used in pools where chlorine or bromine is the primary sanitizing agent
  • Swim as soon as 15 minutes after application

Application: apply directly to pool water with circulation system running & solar blanket off

Doseage: (1) 400 gram bag per 40,000 litres of pool water