At the Hot Tub Outlet we sell and Deliver Pool and Hot Tub Parts Throughout Canada.  We also facilitate Factory Warranty for the products we sell.

Our Service Department works within the Niagara Region                       (Hot Tubs, Pools, Concrete) 



Hot Tub Service Call:  Site Visit to Diagnose Problem  $84.99
Hot Tub Repair (e.g., Pump, Computer, Element, etc.)

Individually Quoted 

2020 Pool Opening (removing of pool winter cover, unplugging of lines, initial start-up of pool system) $299.99
2020 Pool Winterizing (draining of water, winterizing of suction/discharge lines, installation of winter cover) $319.99
Inground Pool Liner Installation  Individually Quoted
Pool Equipment Installation Individually Quoted
Fiberglass Pool Installation
Individually Quoted
Concrete (Estimates by Appointment Only) Individually Quoted