Okeanos Fiberglass Swimming Pools: A unique manufacturing process using the best materials from North American market.

The different steps: 
1. Application of an N.P.G. iso gel-coat.
2. Projection of a 100% vinylster resin or Barrier Coat.
3. Simultaneous projection of a DCPD/fibreglass resin.
4. Stratification of the structure consisting of ISO resin and a roving/mat complex 
5. Laying stiffening supports (Urethane foam).
6. Simultaneous projection of an Orthophthalic/fibreglass resin.
7. Unmoulding, machining and quality control. 

The application of our products, be it the demolding agent, the gel coat, the vinylster resin and isophthalic Is done at a controlled temperature and hydrometry.  Strict quality control is established for each of our manufactured pools. 

To ensure the best hold in time, to have a brightness and a constant shining surface, we ensure quality control and traceability for each of our pools.


Who we are ?
Piscine Okéanos Québec has been present on the swimming pool market in Quebec for over 10 years and the management team gives you the benefit of its experience as a manufacturer and installer of fiberglass pools.

We has been active on the Europeen market  for over 35 years and on the North American market for over 10 years as manufacturers and installers.

With an increased manufacturing capability, our factory is tailored to produce higher quantities, allowing us to supply the US pool market. Okeanos fiberglass pools has accumulated 35 years of knowledge in fiberglass pool manufacturing.

Continuous innovation
We regularly enrich the range of our FiberGlass pools by creating innovative and trendy models, while maintaining comfort and well-being. Thanks to this flexibility, we have been able to create pools that meet market demands. Our range of user friendly flat bottomed pools allow for users of all ages to enjoy these pools.