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Balance Pak® 200 (3.25 KG)


Balance Pak 200 is the ultimate pH increasing chemical! It is ideal to use when your total adjusted alkalinity is within the 125-150 ppm range (for freshwater pools) and 100-125 ppm range (for saltwater pools). By using the proper dosage of Balance Pak 200, you can prevent low pH from corroding pool equipment, increase swimmer comfort and ensure that all other chemicals work optimally; saving you both time and money! 

How to Use: Evenly broadcast the recommended dosage of Balance Pak 200 (once adjusted total alkalinity is within range) with the pump running

  • Use to raise pH in spa and hot tub water
  • Prevents skin irritation due to low pH
  • Prevents hot tub surface due to low pH
  • Prevents corrosion of equipment due to low pH
  • Can be used in all hot tub types
Pro Tip: If you try to raise your pH, but your adjusted total alkalinity is too low or too high, your pH will ""bounce"" and will not be stable regardless of how much Balance Pak 200 you apply! That is why it is necessary to have your adjusted total alkalinity within ideal range before adjusting pH!