Raypak Standing Pilot Pool Heater 266,000 BTU


Raypak Standing Pilot (Millivolt) Natural Gas Pool Heater   
266 000 BTU
Manufacturer Part Number: P-R266A-MN-C

Simple Controls

The Raypak Millivolt gas swimming pool heater comes with one mechanical thermostat. This control allows you to set your swimming pool or spa temperature precisely at your favorite setting. Just set it and forget it! Truly simple.

Smart Design Cabinet

On look will tell you that the Raypak Millivolt is different! The look is contemporary. The design is advanced. And inside and out it's engineered to last. The attractive forest green and charcoal gray panels complement the latest pool and spa equipment designs. Raypak's original "pagoda top" design will keep the heater operating even in extreme conditions and downdrafts.

Polytuff Powder Coating

Th Raypak Millivolt swimming pool heater has a polyester coated, non-corrosive cabinet that is more durable than solvent borne and waterborne coated metal cabinets. Every piece of sheet metal that gets powder coated goes through a 7-stage wash system making certain the powder paint has a perfect bond. Underneath the tough and beautiful finish, you will find galvanized metal that offers superior rust prevention and years of durable service.

Wind Resistant

Th Raypak Millivolt has the best outdoor design on the market today. Raypak has put its over 50 years of experience into the design of this latest swimming pool heater. No need for fans to combat drafting problems, the Raypak Millivolt was designed for outdoor installations with its exclusive low-profile design. It is so thoughtfully and carefully designed it protects itself from the things that tend to stifle ordinary swimming pool and spa heaters: falling leaves, wind, airborne debris, rain, downdrafts, updrafts, sleet, snow, etc. In fact, it is so efficiently designed it ensures uninterrupted heating performance regardless of all but the most extreme weather conditions.

Heat Exchanger Condensation-Free Operation

Standard on all Raypak Millivolt models is Raypak's Unitherm Governor, which helps reduce condensation from low inlet water temperatures. The Unitherm Governor automatically regulates the water flow to help keep the water temperature in the heat exchanger above 105deg. Both water temperature and water flow rate are controlled to eliminate condensation, sooting, and scale buildup that can shorten pool heater life.

Rust-Free Waterways

Th Raypak Millivolt swimming pool heater incorporates the latest in header design technology. Raypak's state-of-the-art engineering department utilized the latest in 3-D computer aided design to engineer the part for optimal performance. Polymer resin headers prevent rust stains from harming your pool's surface giving you years of trouble-free swimming pleasure.

Copper Fin Tube

For most residential applications the standard option of copper fin tube is the best choice. The Raypak Millivolt gas swimming pool heater is built with the highest quality integral copper fin tube available. Copper is well known for its ability to efficiently transfer heat and is an excellent choice for pool and spa heater exchangers, where the water chemistry is properly maintained.

Combustion Chamber Burner Tray

very Raypak Millivolt burner tray is built to last. From the stainless-steel burners to the aluminized metal used in the heat sensitive areas. If anything should happen to your burners they can be quickly and easily serviced. One more reason why the Raypak Millivolt swimming pool heater is made to take the work load year after year.

Fire Tile

A ceramic fiber combustion box keeps your Raypak Millivolt running efficiently and keeps the outside jacket cool. By using this space-age material, the pool heater won't retain residual heat after it is turned off, allowing it to be installed without the use of costly metal heat sinks.