SKU: 70-18420-S

Delta Bulb E-80 High Output (70-18420-S)


E Series offers an incomparable and safer pool experience for your family and friends… Silky, smooth, odorless and salt free.

The water circulates through our Delta UV sanitizer that uses the type C ultraviolet rays to completely purify water deactivating all the dangerous micro-organisms resulting in the cleanest and purest water possible for your pool. As small residual of chemicals are used in order to destroy any micro-organism that do not find their way into the UV sanitizer.

For Cleaner, Healthier Pool Environment

  • Drastically reduces the costs associated with chemical use
  • Destroy the micro-organisms that chlorine and salt systems can’t (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, etc.)
  • No nasty chlorine smell
  • No more red eyes, dry skin or damaged hair
  • Easier pool maintenance, simple, reliable
  • Minimal ongoing expenditure (lamp replacement expected every 3 years for seasonal pools)
  • Prolongs pools life – won’t erode pools surface or equipment
  • Compatible with all types of coatings and filters
  • A treatment that can be automated with an existing chlorinator
  • Easy and Quick installation and maintenance


Delta UV has launched a new ‘Quick Lock’ mechanism for its UV units.  The new and improved design allows the UV unit to be opened with a simple turn of the top –without removing multiple screws.   The new design allows pool professionals to quickly open UV units to inspect and clean the UV bulb.   Perfect for pool opening season.  Pool professionals looking to ‘up-sell’ to their clients who want to upgrade pool water sanitation and improve the swimming experience for users should offer Delta UV’s Clean Light Technology