Hayward Low Salt System T-Cell 15


Detailed Product Description

The Aqua Rite Low Salt Chlorine Generator from Hayward offers the same simple, safe and affordable approach to pool sanitization that you would expect from the original Aqua Rite, but uses virtually half the amount of salt, making it an even more environmentally friendly approach to salt chlorine generation. They easily install on standard filtration system, both for new construction and on existing pools.

Forget about mixing, measuring or messing around with harsh liquid or tablet chlorine. Say goodbye to red eyes, itchy skin, heavy chemical odors and the bleaching of toys and clothes. Now there’s an easier, more efficient and cost-effective way to satisfy 100% of your sanitization needs and enjoy pool water that’s always clean, clear and luxuriously soft.

Aqua Rite Low Salt uses advanced electrolytic technology to convert a small amount of ordinary salt – one teaspoon per gallon of pool water – into a virtually endless supply of fresh, pure chlorine. The process can produce enough chlorine a day to satisfy the sanitization requirements of pools up to 25,000 gallons. And since the salt doesn’t wear out or evaporate, you rarely have to add more.

There are two components to AquaRite Low Salt: the control box and its patented TurboCell®, a specially designed electrolytic converter that installs on your system’s return line, behind the pump, filter and heater. Please note: Control boxes may be blue and not green as pictured online.

As pool water passes through the TurboCell, an extremely safe electrical charge generated by the control box automatically converts the dissolved salt into fresh, pure chlorine. The water is then dispersed evenly throughout the pool by the return jets.

Each time the water is recirculated, the salt-based chlorine gets recharged and the cycle is repeated.

Salt is present in multiple locations such as in tap water and in pools treated with stabilized liquid or chlorine. Over time, conventionally treated pools will have an elevated residual of salt as a by-product of sanitizing. The AquaRite Low Salt chlorinator has the ability to stop producing chlorine at 800 p.p.m. and operates at just 1200 - 1800 p.p.m., lower salt levels reduce corrosion concerns and is safer for the environment.

The Aqua Rite Low Salt Features:

  • Digital salt display and 8 diagnostic indicators
  • Patented Turbo Cell for maximum efficiency and flow rates
  • Quick, weatherproof connections inside control door
  • Locking weatherproof enclosure
  • Operates at just 1200 - 1800 ppm

The advantages of AquaRite Low Salt automatic salt chlorine generation over traditional factory-produced chlorine are too numerous to list. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Enhanced Swimming Experience
    • Soft, silky-smooth water
    • No more red eyes, itchy skin
    • No chlorine odor
    • No bleaching of clothing or toys
  • Increased Safety
    • Reduces handling and storage of toxic chemicals
    • No harsh shockings necessary
    • Even, consistent chlorine dispersion; no more unhealthy highs and lows
    • No caustic or harmful by products
    • NSF and CUL approved, PMRA registered
  • Reduced Maintenance and Costs
    • Minimal maintenance. More leisure time
    • User-friendly monitor system with LED service alerts
    • Easy to use – one dial adjusts chlorine output
    • Low operating costs
    • No need for additional plumbing or parts
  • Added Convenience
    • Perfect for new or existing pools
    • Perfect for replacing existing salt machines