SKU: GK-0607-008030

Gecko IN.K800 Keypad GK-0607-008030


Description : Keypad
Model : IN.K800 Gecko
Compatible Systems : Y & Xe Systems
Faceplate Dimensions : 8-3/4” X 4-1/4”
Cord Length : 10'
Includes Overlay : Yes
Overlay Button Layout: Setting/Mode/P1/P2/P3/Aux1/Aux2/Light/Up/Down
Note: Must Be Installed On Outside Edge Of Tub

        With its bright, full color display and the high resolution of its screen, IN.K800 main keypad provides an intuitive user experience and brings the spa user interface to a new level. Loaded with a large amount of memory and a powerful on-board processor, IN.K800 offers a truly seamless graphic interface and a complete control on all spa functions and connected value-added accessories.