SKU: GK-0611-221031-361

Gecko IN.YT-7 GK-0611-221031-361

QTY: control systems are the simplest, most flexible solutions when it comes to supporting even the most complex array of spa add-ons and options.

Gecko's control systems offer the kind of simplicity that makes for a genuine top-of-its-class product. It is the natural choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-understand multi-application solution.


Advanced electronics! Water Resistance! WIFI control from your iPhone! Aeware by Gecko IN.YT-7-H4.0-AMP-1-V2-GD3 Spa Control System, aka Y-Series. OEM P/N 0611-221031-361. Application is 220V 60Hz Power Supply (4-Wire required for 220V). Able to operate Pump1, Pump 2, Pump 3, Pump 4, Pump 5 or Blower, Ozone and Circ Pump. Heater is 4.0KW on 220V application. Field Setup and Configurations are required. Topside Panel and Cords are sold separately. SpaGuts P/N: 11-720-1031. Input Connections: 220V 60Hz Power Supply, Pump 1, 1 or 2-Speed, 110V/220V, 15A Max* , Pump 2, 1 or 2-Speed, 110V/220V, 15A Max* , Pump 3, 1 or 2-Speed, 110V/220V, 10A Max* , Pump 4, 1-Speed, 110V/220V, 8A Max* (Available if Pump 2 and 3 are 1-Speed) ,Pump 5, 1-Speed, 110V/220V, 8A Max* (Available if Pump 2 and 3 are 1-Speed), Blower, 1-Speed, 110V/220V, 4A Max* (See QRC for Available Program Selection), Ozone, 110V/220V, 6A Max*, Circ Pump, 110V/220V, 6A Max*, Direct (Audio/Video), Constant 110V/220V, 10A Max*, Keypad, C1, Communication, CO, Light, 12V, 12W (1 Intensity), 1A Max*220V Power requires 2 Hots, Neutral and Ground, The 4.0KW Hi-Flo Heater requires a Minimum of 20 GPM of Water Flow, and Minimum 1.5" Plumbing