SKU: O665

O665 Original Series Hot Tub


The O665 is a balanced and versatile spa. With 2 pumps 4HP and an air pump (blower), it is able to dispense a powerful and complete massage, each place having a different configuration of jets. It is a perfect spa for a big family and the sportsmen anxious to obtain a fast recovery, will say to him thanks. Isolated with high-performance materials, the O665 can be used even in very cold weather!

Dimensions:                         87" x 87" x 36"
Full Weight:                          2040 Kg or 4497 lbs
Unloaded Weight:                340 Kg or 750 lbs 
Number of places:                6 
Number of Jets:                    65
Number of Water + Air Jets: 49
Number of Air Jets:              16  
Pump 1:                                4HP / 7HP
Pump 2:                                4HP / 7HP
Pump 3:                                1HP / Air
Air Controllers:                      3
Illuminated Valve Control:     Included
Digital Keypad:                     Included
Cover:                                   Included
Shell Colour Options
A choice of three acrylics are available: Marbled Black, Marbled White and Marbled Brown. 
You choose...
Cabinet Colour Options
Our 99% Composite PS Covers are rugged and have unparalleled UV resistance, plus the satin finish adds a stylish touch to your spa and is available in any environment.  



A sleek two-tone design in Chrome and Anthracite. A range of the most powerful jets. CMP Spectrum jets offer a wide variety of massages. Directional jets of course, but also Pro-Loc Roto jets, Pro-Loc Double Roto jets and Pro-Loc Rotopulse jets, make it possible to work the affected areas in very different ways. Combined with powerful pumps, these nozzles are fears of efficiency. 



Bluetooth Audio with Subwoofer and WiFi system to connect your spa in the whole world.



B e C lear generates and releases bromine into the water to remove microbiological contaminants, such as waterborne bacteria, algae, and organic matter released by swimmers' bodies, to provide a relaxing and enjoyable bath experience with every use. 


Upgrade to K1000 Gecko Digital Keypad.



All our spas have a 15 year warranty on tank sealing and acrylic. A 3 year warranty when applied to electronics, plumbing, pumps, and lights