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Vendor: Natural Chemistry

SKU: NC-77041

Categories: HOT TUB PARTS,

Tags: Bromine, Pro Enzyme, Pro Series, Proenzyme, Prozymes, Spa Oxidizing Shock, Spa Shock,

PRO SERIES ProZymes Spa is specifically formulated for high bather use in hot water environments. This unique concentrated formula powerfully biodegrades contaminants such as: body oils, cosmetics, lotions and other non-living organics. Regular use will reduce or eliminate the most common maintenance challenges that operators face: waterline rings, foaming, cloudiness, odors, loading/short cycling of the filter, and premature water change outs. This maintenance product is completely harmless and non-irritating to people. PRO SERIES ProZymes Spa is safe to use in all spas and therapy pools to dramatically improve water and air quality while reducing labor. PRO SERIES ProZymes Spa will ease maintenance issues, reduce costs and improve water quality.

18.9 Litres